Friday, September 30, 2011

Nintendo Poker Set

Fill in the Blank Friday

Enjoyed this the last time I did it.  Courtesy of the little things we do.

1.   My current obsession is    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic    .

2.   Seattle       make me happy.

3.  My greatest strength is  personality, I guess    .

4.   My lack of self confidence    is my greatest weakness.

5.  My life is    going really well right now .

6.  In high school I was     very awkward   .

7.  When I'm super tired   I daydream   .

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm a Tree!

One of my favorite quests in the Draenei early zone involves disguising yourself as a tree.  Having made Pieris I had an opportunity to do the quest once more.  There is a camp you are helping out who has a traitor in their mist.  Surprisingly, they know where a special meeting the betrayer is attending is being held, but no idea who this spy is.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to go to venue first and camouflage yourself.

Yes, that is Pieris's corehound pup.  I love that they seem not to notice the random beast.

There are many races in World of Warcraft that cannot be played, but they are still towns and shops.  The Furbolgs are a prime example.  Throughout Azeroth you can find tribes who will give you quests and even have profession trainers.

More screenshots.

Male Naga.  This used to be a Night Elf.

Female Naga.

My Lil Deathwing vanity pet.

Pieris flying to Darnassus.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Stormwind celebrating Brewfest.

Once again, it is Brewfest in Azeroth.  Simply put, Brewfest is World of Warcraft's Oktoberfest.  Ironforge is the epicenter for the Alliance during this boozy holiday.  I am not sure where the Horde sets up their tents, because I have never play any of my Horde toons during this time.

Vendors of Brewfest.

Everything during Brewfest revolves around being drunk, naturally.  The dwarves and ogres set up tents and plenty of free brew at the bottom of the mountain.  The vendors sell special themed foods and brews that can only be purchased during the holiday.   Tables with free booze are also set up next to each booth.  The music sounds much like a polka and you can hear the dwarven men banter back and forth.  I realized for the first time the other day that one of the back ground conversations is a joke!  What do you call a goblin that bathes?  A goblin that can smell!  I thought it was rather amusing.

Tulips is wasted watching pink elekks.

Pink elekks roaming in Darnassus.

My two favorite quests of the event involve getting my character pretty drunk.  You see, a character actually has the ability to get drunk in game.  Some of the side effects include inability to walk in a straight line, slurred speech (extra letters are added when you type, as well as the occasional "...hic" at the end of a sentence), and a blurred screen.  The blurring of the screen is the only real nuisance because the more you drink the more it blurs.  In fact, you can get so smashed you can barely make out what is on your screen.  You can, of course, turn off that feature, but it just feels like cheating yourself out of the experience to me.  Anyway, back to the two quests I like.  There are creatures that come out around Brewfest that can only be seen when drunk.  They are the wolpertingers (think jackalope) and pink elekks.  Both are available vanity pets, as well.

Over head view of the Brewfest tents.

This year I got to take it easy during Brewfest.  Tulips already has both vanity pets and both mounts associated with the holiday, as well as the big achievement and title.  I did drag McKayla out to see the festivities and I think she was impressed.  I find in game holidays are a lot of fun when you are on a role playing server.  People are willing to really get involved.

Drunk over head view of the Dark Iron Dwarves trying to steal the brew.

More decorations in Stormwind.  Notice the banners are bubbling?

Monday, September 26, 2011

My Little Monday: The Return of Harmony Part 2


The second half of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic's big season opener felt like a huge improvement from last week.  My only real gripe is that the episode felt a little rushed to reach the resolution before the 30 minutes was up. 

Within the first five minutes Twilight Sparkles calls Discord out on being a big cheater and he pretty much shrugs her off, "Perhaps we haven't met.  I'm Discord, spirit of chaos and disharmony."  I still wish he had been more consistent in the previous episode, but it makes more sense with part two.  The big fish is Twilight Sparkles and always was.  It didn't matter if he had to bend his own rules with the others as long as she broke on her own.  Which she did.  There was a brief moment before she lost hope where I almost thought Discord was going to have second thoughts.  After a big fight with the others, she is walking while moping and Discord comes to her side beseeching her to marvel at his chaos.  She is so depressed she can barely even respond.  It felt like you were about to see a turning point for the villain, but instead he cheers at her complete despair.  I also want to give Celestia credit for helping out for once.  Apparently Princess Celestia has kept every letter Twilight has ever written about the magic of friendship.  She sent every letter back, as if knowing what had happened.  And I do mean every letter.  Poor Spike looked like he was never going to be well again.  Being reminded why she chose to stay in Ponyville in the first place (her friends) was the kick in the pants Twilight needed to overcome her emo attitude and fight for her friendships.

Applejack's lying face.

The second half gave a a better glance at just how crazy Discord's spell had made the ponies.  Soon Applejack was no longer making her "lie" face when lying.  When you see her on her farm, she is spinning a rather elaborate web of lies.  Meanwhile, Granny Smith and Big Mac seem complete oblivious. . . though Big Mac did seem to think he was a burrowing dog, so that might have had something to do with his indifference.  Fluttershy's shining moment, to me, was when Twilight Sparkles was trampled by the creepy bunnies.  The camera closes in on Fluttersy's faces as she coos approval to Angel, her pet bunny, for leading the charge.

Pinkie Pie not having fun.

One of the funnier moments was Pinkie Pie sliding on the soap road.  Under Discord's spell she is an angry and miserable pony, and yet she is still Pinkie Pie.  But as much as a love me some Pinkie Pie, the winner of the episode was Rarity and her knew boyfriend, Tom.  Unfortunately, once Rarity realized Tom was a boulder and not a diamond she promptly dumped him.  I hate to say it, but that is Rarity.  Friendship may be magic, but money is everything to her. . . and that is without any evil spell cast upon her. 

Rarity and Tom

I think season 2 is off to a great start and I can't wait until episode three.  Bronies have a lot to look forward to, like a new opening starting with the next episode.  I also hear Luna will finally have another appearance.  I am super excited for that one.

Good, old fashioned chaos!

Monday, September 19, 2011

My Little Monday: The Return of Harmony Part 1

The new season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is upon us.  Any pony who is anyone has probably seen the first episode by now, so don't expect this to be a spoiler free review.  Then again, when am I ever spoiler free?  Anyways, this is the first of what I hope will be many My Little Mondays.

The newest episode, The Return of Harmony, isn't bad, but it isn't that great to me.  I do give it props for being much better than the opener of the first season.  At the same time I was hoping for something that was a little bit more.  By the end of the first season the show had really grown into a formula that worked.  No matter how trivial the episode was, or how full of fluff, there was always character growth and exploration.  The plot for this particular episode is actually a bit thought provoking with the qualities of friendship versus discord and disharmony.  Yet the lesson feels wasted because the main characters seemed like nothing more than window dressing.  This is only the first part, though.  I could feel completely different once I watch part two and see how it ties together.  I also try to keep in mind that the show is geared more towards a younger crowd.  I will say I was pretty creeped out a few times.  I thought the bunnies were bad enough, but the balloon party was chilling.   There are just a few things I wish the writers had done different.

Creepy rabbits running through popcorn fields during a light chocolate rain.

The Bad:
It is very noticeable that Luna is absent in the castle.  This is mostly due to the fact that Celestia keeps bringing up her little sister.  "Luna and I did this. . . . Luna and I did that. . . And that is how we defeated Discord"  I think it would have been nice to hear from Luna.  I know I am not the only Luna fan out there who was disappointed that she didn't have at least a cameo.  The message it sends is a bit off to me.  If friendship is so magical and Celestia gets along with her sister again, then why haven't we seen Luna?  With an emergency of Discord creating chaos across Equestria one would think you would have both rulers present.

Discord was a big cheat.  I understand what they were going for by making each pony the opposite of their element of harmony, but it felt forced to me.  I don't think Discord needed to use magic to essentially poison the ponies.  He already proved to be a liar and trickster.  That should have been enough.  I know you are probably thinking, "But then where would the conflict come from?"  Instead of making each pony the opposite of who they are and faking the conflict, he should have used his trickster ways to exploit the weaknesses they already have.  Rarity can be quite vain, Applejack is stubborn, Fluttershy is a nervous wreck who can be easily scared, Rainbow Dash is prideful (among other things), and Pinkie Pie has a hard time being serious.  Trollestia doesn't need to cheat to cause conflict, A Bird in the Hoof proved that.  The part that upset me the most was when he used his magic to make Rainbow Dash take her wings and fly off, forfeiting the game.  He went through an awful lot of trouble with the others for nothing.

The Good:
As much as just want to pick apart Discord, the over all concept is wonderful.  This villain thrives on being a jerk to others.  He isn't jealousy like Nightmare Moon, he is the very essence of conflict.  He is also very reminiscent of Q from Star Trek The Next Generation, who was portrayed by the same actor.  I wonder just how much of a coincidence that is.  I also like how well Discord seems to gel with Pinkie Pie.  She loves how he brings about chaos (chocolate rain, anyone?) and he loves her laughter.  In another time and place they would be friends.

Pinkie Pie was amazing during the set up.  Everyone else is frantic and worried, while she is slopping around in chocolate mud puddles oblivious to the peril.  She wasn't the least bit afraid of Discord.  Then again, Pinkie Pie can be friends with anyone I think.

Pinkie Pie loves chocolate mud!

Fluttershy got a rare chance to really shine.  Last season most of Fluttershy's big moments involved her stepping out of her normal personality.  The best example is when she was watching the Cutie Mark Crusaders and had to give them her "look" to keep them in line.  Not with Discord.  Instead of going for the easy route and scaring her into a hole he tries to step it up a notch and destroy her with insults.  Too bad Fluttershy is so nice she is immune to such things.  That particular scene, while being one of the biggest fail moments with Discord, was one of the best Fluttershy has ever had.  He couldn't even disillusion himself into thinking he persuaded her into bitch mode.  Magic is the ONLY WAY to make wonderful Fluttershy mean.

Trollestia got trolled herself, finally.  Discord made Celestia look like a fool when he was able to steal the elements of harmony, despite the fact she was the only one who could gain access.  (Why would Luna need them?)  He then makes sure to stress that he doesn't turn ponies into stone.  You never get to see anyone get the best of Celestia.  She needed the humility.

Final Judgement:
I am so happy My Little Pony is back.  The Return of Harmony Part 1 was entertaining and I can't wait to see part 2!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

What's the worst thing you would do to somebody if you knew nobody else would ever know and you could totally get away with it?

Maybe gossip about them? I'm a bit of a wuss. Even if I just knew I wouldn't get in trouble I would still feel guilty or be paranoid of getting caught (depending on what and who). The worst I could say I have already done is taken clothing from my sister without returning it. She does the same to me. That is more of a sister thing and I don't find myself caring much for long.

Ask me anything about anything and I will do my best to answer honestly.

If you could have anything right now with no strings attached, what would it be?

That is a tough one. A Christmas trip to Japan with my husband.

Ask me anything about anything and I will do my best to answer honestly.

Crawling Out from Under My Rock to Finally Watch Chobits

Thanks to Netflix, I am finally able to catch up with the rest of the anime community on some classics.  When I first started watching anime was when it was just starting to really catch on in the States.  Everything was still on VHS and Funimation hadn't come to the rescue yet.  (Say what you will, but I think Funimation has done an amazing job making anime more accessible and affordable.)  Because of this I was limited to what my friends had and wanted me to watch.  Thanks to them I am fortunate enough to have seen Slayers, Kare Kano, Kodomo No Omocha, and a few others that I still have trouble finding on my own.  At the same time, I missed out on some others that are pretty common like Fruits Basket and Chobits.  The sad thing is that I put them off for such a long time because I had no idea what the plots even were.  For example, the hubby tried to explain Fruits Basket to me months ago and I was so confused by his explanation that I put it off until earlier this week.  As it turns out, I love it and plan to read the manga once I am caught up with my other comics.

Chobits is one I have been putting off for ages because I thought it was about some Lolita elf or fury.  I honestly had no idea what the plot was.  For those of you who have seen it, I was sure you are wondering how I would come to such a conclusion.  I submit this picture:

When all the wall scrolls and other merchandise look like the picture above, then what other conclusions am I suppose to come to on my own?  Well, I finally caved in yesterday.  I was browsing for more anime on the Netflix Instant Que since Fruits Basket was such a success (and the first disc of Paranoia Agent will never be available?) and noticed the plot for Chobits. "In this anime series, underprivileged prep school student Hideki salvages a discarded old persecom -- a human-computer hybrid that all the rich kids have -- only to discover that his acquisition might a chobit, a persecom with extraordinary power.," is the synopsis from Netflix.  Confused?  If you read Questionable Content then I can explain it very easily, a farm boy moves to the big city and finds an AnthroPC.  For those who don't read that web comic, imagine if your smartphone was inside a robot.  Sounds pretty neat, right?  Once you get over all the perversion it is. 

Perversion?  But that picture above is of such a sweet looking girl, or android.  Again, the merchandise seems to be very misleading.  Let me give you a very quick education:

The second picture is from a wet dream the main character is having.  The guy is super perverted and sheltered, so he constantly freaks out over nothing because he is afraid everyone will assume that he is actually doing what he is thinking.  So far it is a fun show.  I am only just getting into the heavy plot portion, so maybe it will get even better.  Definitely not a kids show, though.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Goddess has Arrived

Barbie gets the tokidoki treatment!
The UPS man just came buy with my long awaited tokidoki Barbie!  She has the pink hair I wish I did, the purse I can't afford, and the tattoos I would kill for.  I think this is the first time in my life I wish I could look like Barbie.  The hubby was most amused by the cute Cactus Pup pet she has in tow.  The box is just a perfect backdrop, too.  My new favorite of my Barbie collection.  (Sorry Harley and Alice.) 

Back of the box.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Alt-itis: Code Pieris

My Alt-itis is flaring up again.  I recently recruited my dear friend McKayla to World of Warcraft.  I know it is a horrible thing to do to a friend, but I knew she would enjoy the game.  Plus, she is the one who really got me into Ponies, so it is only fair when you think about it.  Well, McKayla has decided at the moment to go with a Draenei hunter.  I really wanted to be able to play with her during the early levels, so I made another Alt Character.  That is right, another one.  Ladies and gents, I present to you Pieris:

Pieris is a Draenei mage.  Isn't she just the cutest?  Her professions are herbalism and alchemy, thus the name Pieris.  (It is a plant often know as Forest Flame.)  I know I am already playing three other characters regularly, plus all the others I ignore.  The thing is that I don't want to just throw McKayla to the wolves.  (And I have really wanted to try a mage.  They get such killer dps!)  I feel more guilty that my Alt-itis is spreading.  I told my friend Joey how I made a Draenei to play with McKayla's Draenei, and Joey apparently suffers from the same ailment as I.  Within a few minutes she was off making a Draenei warrior to join in on the fun.  For the moment I choose  to see it as Blizzard's fault and not mine.  They make character creation way too much fun.

In some heirloom gear I attained for her.

Action shot!

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Brony Invasion

Since I didn't have my camera on me when in costume, I don't have any pictures of my own from the My Little Pony cosplay group I was in.  But fear not!  I have bee searching the internet and I have found some pictures to share.

I think the hair is covering one of my ears because I had been jumping.

I really need to learn to pose better.  Fluttershy was the queen of proper posing.

Rose of May (Applejack) told me just to wear the glasses whenever I felt nervous. . . which was a bit.

Pinkie Pie Photo Bomb!

If you were at Dragon Con and happen to take pictures of us, please be nice and share.  Unless it was one of the photos where I was texting because I didn't know what was going on. :-)  I can't say enough how awesome the other girls were.  They totally made my Dragon Con 20% Cooler.  Thank you Rose of May (Applejack), Brennan (Rainbow Dash), Tori (Twilight Sparkles), Betsy (Rarity), and Sarah (Fluttershy).

On a side note, I got bore and made a Facebook page for this blog.  You know you want to be nice and "Like" it.