Sunday, July 31, 2011

Twilight Highlands Part 3: The Dragons!

The Red Dragons are "life".  I love the pretty red trees here.

Once again, a dragon is pretending it is people.

I'm not too sure Lirastrasza's importance, but Calen is the Dragon Queen's son.

Her title says it all.

I love her horn ornaments.

Purple is a great accent.

This scene the Dragon Queen is dragging you along for a special magic circle.

I know this isn't a great shot, but she is not in "High Elf" form.  I think the other dragon is her son.

I find myself wondering why she isn't in her true form for this ceremony.  Maybe she is worried about trampling me?

Her son was complaining that this was too dangerous and he wanted to step in.

I promise you that she is not poisoning the ground.

Bringer of life. :-)

So, this whole bit was to summon Deathwing so she could kill him.

Understandably, he is quite pissy about the whole thing.

Deathwing goes off on Alexstrasza for even attempting to kill him.  She is the Aspect of Life and he is the Aspect of Death.

Who do you think is better at killing?

At the same time, who do you think is better at staying alive? ;-)

"Yes, sir!  Dragon Prince, sir!" -_-

It was pretty cool to learn more about the dragons in game.  Although, the moment she called out Deathwing I knew what was going to happen.  I mean, it is Deathwing!  If it was as easy as she thought it would be, then I would have to wonder why Alexstrasza didn't step in before Cataclysm happened.  Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks this.  Anyways, I still love the Dragon Queen.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Crock Pot Baked Apples


Finished product.

I'll start off by saying I got the recipe here if anyone wants to try it.  They took 2 hours to cook on low and it was really easy.  The reason the bottom left and top right apples are coming apart is because O wasn't that great at coring an apple for the first time.  Over all, I loved it.  They taste great.  I do have some tweaking for next time, though.  For starters, less butter.  I doubled the apple juice and it was still too much butter.  I also think I am going to double the amount of raisins and cut the brown sugar to 1/4 a cup or so.  I added a little lemon juice, even though the apple are granny smith, and it still wasn't as tart as I hoped.  So probably a little more lemon juice next time, as well.  Try the recipe out for yourself and let me know if you enjoy it. :-)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Twilight Highlands Part 2: Twilight's Hammer

Meet Cho'gall, the leader of Twilight's Hammer.

I find ogres to be dumb, even ogres with two heads.  (Lets face it, two stupid people in no way equals one smart person. . . just more stupid.) Yet, the leader of Twilight's Hammer is an ogre.  The cult has been in World of Warcraft since the beginning, sprinkled through out various zones and dungeons.  I never paid to much attention to them until this expansion, though.  They were important to the end game zones in vanilla, but by the time I was high enough Burning Crusade was out.  The neat bit is you really get to see the inner workings of the cult now.

The left head is the main speaker, while the right head's dialog is in the parentheses.


This is suppose to scare me.  *scoffs*

 I love the character design for Cho'gall.  Every time I see him I wonder what his vision must be like covered in eyes like that.  Maybe it is why he wants to bring forth Armageddon so bad.  The dialog is captioned well, but it is no substitute for hearing but of his voices.  The head with one eye just sounds crazier.

If you can't tell by now, that is a mouth in the center.

One way trip to Grossville.

Big teeth.


 Why anyone would be willing to fly into the stomach of such a weird creature is beyond me.  Once in there, I had to fight off being digested while completing the quests in the belly.  One of the first battles was a mandatory fail, which I always find a bit aggravating.  What I was not expecting is what happened after I passed failing.

 Thrall shows and some how teleports you away from death.  The Deathwing shows up and Thrall decides this is the perfect time to start some trash talking.  He proceeds to tell the black dragon that Tulips is going to kick his butt (???).  Then he goes off about how I doomed the world because I couldn't solo Deathwing.  (It doesn't even let you fight.)  At this point, I am ready to give Thrall a piece of my mind when. . . .

I wake up.  The evil creature whose stomach Tulips was in has the ability to give you nightmares.  Lovely, right?  The tentacle monster is the epitome of weird.  The next phase was tentacles sprouting inside its stomach.  It was like a hentai gone horribly wrong.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Twilight Highlands Part1: A Dwarven Wedding

The portal to Twilight Highlands in Stormwind.

When I decided to start recounting my adventures in the various Cataclysm zones in an effort to get all the quest achievements I was not very far into the Twilight Highlands.  I have a ton of awesome screen shots (more than Uldum) and I don't want to bog anyone down, so I am breaking this up into 2 or 3 posts.  These events are not exactly in order, but based more on relevance.

One of the big baddies for this expansion is the Twilight's Hammer.  They are a cult that has had it's hands on events in the game for a while now, but I never really took them seriously until this expansion.  Since Twilight Highlands is the final zone (excluding Firelands) for Cataclysm, you get to see the cultists involvement in just about everything.

The Dwarves are a big part of Twilight Highlands, as well.  A lot of the quests are from them.  My favorite so far is how they all lead into a wedding.

Yes, that is my Giant Sewer Rat.

I got to help write the wedding song!

Wedding guests.

More guests.  A nice, small wedding.

I love the joining of two clans, don't you?

Yea, I am THAT important to these people.

Tulips escorting the bride, Fanny, down the isle.

This is such a lovely, intimate wedding.

When this started, I admit I was a little confused.

And a battle begins.

At first I thought they were paranoid wanting Tulips to stay around for the wedding.  And just to be clear, that Dwarf that was officiating the ceremony was the son of one of the attendees.  Apparently joining Twilight's Hammer has some side effects, like becoming a monster when you fight your enemies.  What I love about this expansion is that Tulips, being a warlock, was made for fighting things that go bump in the night.  Demons are her slaves.  I have this one spell that summons a Doomguard that I just love.  Half the time when summoned he says something like, "You cannot command me," and then he does what I command.  The best part of this battle, though, was monster dwarf's spells.  They all had wedding theme names, like when he trapped some guests in ice he gave them Cold Feet.

Next post I will go a little more into the cult.