Thursday, June 30, 2011

Transformers 3: Spoilers Free!

I can say spoilers free because I am not going to talk about the movie.  I suck at "spoiler free" reviews and I think we all know it.  Actually, I want to talk about what happened in the theater while we were watching the movie.  It was so funny that the hubby made it the focus of his webcomic today.  So please check before continuing.  Done and back?  Good.  Now, neither of us were the ones busted by the cops.  It happened about 3 or 4 rows behind us.   The best part was the Facebook reaction to the comic.

I think Mike's friends are definitely more creative with puns than mine.

Dragons in WoW (And Some Thrall Spoilers!)

One of the awesome things about Dragons in World of Warcraft is they all have different humanoid forms.  Dragons are probably the one area I should really take the time to read up on the lore of the game, otherwise it is so easy to get confused.  I really thought Chromie was a Gnome!  Anyways, the new patch has a lot of the big wig Dragons. . . and I only recognized one off the bat.

The left is the Dragon Queen.

The one on the left is Alexstrasza.  The only reason I really know her is because she was a pretty huge deal in WotLK.  That was also when I found out Chromie was a Bronze Dragon.  You would think a Night Elf with horns would be a big clue the girl on the right was not what she seemed, but I am dense.  Honestly, I would kill to see someone or someones cosplay as these two at Dragon Con.

Anyways, there is a big to-do with the the Dragons and I have some pictures from the cut scenes to share.

All four of these people are Dragons.  Crazy, right?

Luckily, there is a happy story to be told here.

After Malfurion kicked some ass I went back to Thrall's quest chain and got to witness a proposal at the end!
Thrall+Aggra 4ever! <3

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Photo Dump of My Pets

Isn't she the cutest?
TokiDoki sheds like crazy.  It amazes me that a short hair dog can shed so much.  I even found dog hair in my keyboard.  My keyboard!!!!  Well, the hubby and I decided to shave her down some yesterday.  She has one thick undercoat, which may explain all the shedding.  We also took care of her fluffy neck.  Mike wanted to shave down Shadow Cat, too. . . but we value our lives.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Midsummer Festival and More

I haven't done a WoW post in a while, so I thought I'd update everyone in how things have been going.  Honestly, I just hadn't played much in weeks.  MMOs will go through periods of feeling stale.  It is an unfortunate fact.  But today Patch 4.2 went live and we are in the middle of the Midsummer Festival.

One of the things I usually depend on when game play gets old is my vanity pet collection.  Unfortunately, once I got my seagull it was starting to get just as bland as the rest of the game.  Well, the new patch came with a few new pets.  My favorite is the new pet achievements.  Since I have already collected over 100 pets the squirrel prize was just waiting in my game mail.  There are also "pet" rewards for collecting 125 and 150 different vanity pets.  I have new meaning in game. :-)

One of the Alliance Midsummer Festival tents.

Notice the torch thrower on the left?

Dancing around the pole.

The Midsummer Festival isn't a huge ordeal to me, but I didn't get the holiday pet last year for Tulips.  It is probably one of the lamer pets, just a red ball of glow, but I've got to catch them all.  Especially if I want the 150 pet prize.  There are a few game achievements associated with the holiday that I am going to try and complete as well.  They mostly involve visiting all the Alliance and Horde festival tents and either honoring or extinguishing the flame, depending on whether or not the tent belongs to your faction.  It is really time consuming, even though I can fly through Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms this year.  Last year was hell trying to do that on foot, and for multiple characters.  Only Tulips gets the honor this year.

And I will end this with just some random screenshots:
Inn the Caverns of Time.

Just flying around.

Baby gryphons are just too cute!!!

So cute!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Friday!

I don't think this is one of Katy Perry's best song-wise, but I love the extended video.  My new Friday anthem.  Some of the best scenes are during the credits.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Tattoos

Since it was brought up in the comments of my previous post today, I am going to share my tattoos with everyone.  The pictures aren't the best quality for some, I took them myself.  I'll go over each one in the order I got it, as well as the story behind each. 

First tattoo.  Right butt cheek.  "Slave Girl" in Chinese.
 I got my first tattoo when I was 19.  I had convince my friend, Ruth, to pierce her belly like I had.  There are a surprising number of piercing and tattoo shops open late on a Thursday in Ybor City.  After she got pierced I decided I wanted to join in on the fun.  Since I already had the same piercing, I thought what a lovely time to get my first tattoo.  I had been talking for a while about getting a "test" tattoo on my ass.  Something silly and fun, but easily hide-able if something went wrong or I decided I hated it later.  I had come up with "slave girl" in Chinese.  I saw it on a scroll in a shop once when I was accompanying some people who were getting their tongues pierced.  So we found a tattoo shop on the strip in Ybor City that had the scroll and I was able to get my first tattoo.

It was not nearly as painful as I thought it would be, but that doesn't mean it didn't hurt.  My ass was sore for a while after.  I was on such a rush that I didn't care at the time.  Poor Zack and Ruth were staying at my place since they were visiting from out of town.  They had to endure my constant, "Guess what!?!?!  I got a tattoo on my ass!!!!"  They were good sports about it, though.  The best part was when I hopped in the shower the next morning.  The ink started running, which caused me to scream.  I totally thought the tattoo was washing off!  Ruth calmed me down and assure me that is was normal.

Now, I know what you are thinking.  How do I know that actually says "slave girl" or that the language is even Chinese.  I don't.  I don't care that I don't.  I don't even care if it isn't.  For one thing, it is on my ass.  Second, I still think it looks pretty.

Second tattoo.  Left thigh.  "Lust" in Chinese.
Why get another tattoo in a language I can't read and is probably wrong?  Why not.  Back when I was looking for a shop with the right scroll for my first tattoo I almost settled with this one, but I refused to settle.  Then I thought that it might be a cool one to get some day.  I want to say it was a year later when I got this one.  I am pretty sure I wasn't 21 yet.  Anyways, I was at Anime Festival Orlando and I decided I wanted another tattoo.  Ruth was in attendance, which I took as a sign from God that it was mean to be.  There was a tattoo shop across from the hotel the convention was at, and may still be there, so I went with a tiny posse to get my second tattoo.

I learned a few things this time around.  They told me no alcohol beforehand or I would bleed to much and the ink wouldn't take, but I could drink after.  They also said not to get it wet for the first so many hours, no baths until it healed, etc.  Not normally a big deal, but I love hanging at the jacuzzi during cons.  I was stuck sitting at the edge of the pool that time.  My second tattoo also hurt substantially more than the first.

Third tattoo.  Outer left ankle.  Blue star.
One of my ex-boyfriends has blue stars on his wrists.  At least, I am assuming he still has them.  That is besides the point.  I always thought to myself when we were dating that his stars were so pretty and would look better on a girl.  After we broke up, on a whim I went and got a blue star on my ankle.  The third one really hurt, too.

Fourth tattoo.  Lower back/tramp stamp.  Fairy riding a dragonfly.
I had picked out the design for the fourth one years before actually getting it.  That picture was taken not long after it was healed.  It is a bit faded now, but I still love it.  I found the design on-line, but it looks nothing like how the tattoo came out.  The art in the picture was purposely blurred and lacking any real variation in color.  The artist who did this offered to make it pop more and I am glad I agreed to let him.  The major problem with this one was I didn't want to move at all because it is so small.  Because of this I tried very hard to focus my breathing.  It seems tattoo artists don't like when they can't tell if you have passed out or not when they can't see your face.  It make sense.  He pretty much forced me to talk to make sure I was ok.

Outer right ankle/calf.  Tinkerbell with black hair.
Right arm.  Happy Berry (Paradise Kiss).

Inner left ankle.  "Strength in my family."

I got tattoos five, six, and seven all in one day.  It was a big birthday present.  Some friends contributed money towards the tattoos as my present.  Another got his friend to hook me up with a great deal at the shop.  This was actually a pretty fun story because I had a posse with me again.  This shop was a lot more open, so it was easy for everyone to hang out while I was getting inked.  I also learned that no matter how sick you think you will be, it is very important to eat before getting so much done.  And keep yourself hydrated.  I fail on common sense a lot.

Tinkerbell came from a variety of things.  My nickname is Pixie, so Tinkerbell is my Disney mascot.  Only I am not blonde.  I never plan to be blonde.  I had a Tinkerbell coloring sheet I found online, so I went into MS Paint and made her look a little more like me.  I am a natural brunette, but I spent years with jet black hair.  In fact, I still have a part of it.
The Happy Berry is a big Paradise Kiss thing between McKayla and I.  We read the manga at the same time and I always identified with Miwako.  I know the Happy Berry is originally from Gokinjo Monogatari, but it is still a big part of Paradise Kiss.  Miwako idolizes her older sister and tends to wear pieces from her sister's fashion line.  Then I saw this promotional material:
Miwako has the tattoo!
The knot on my inner left ankle is a family tattoo.  Not my biological family, though.  Go back to the post about my wedding anniversary and look through the pictures. The gentleman walking me down the isle is a member of my other family.  Some of my very close friends from high school.  The daughter of two other members was my flower girl.  I was very honored when Matt asked my to get the tattoo.  Somewhere there is a picture of all of us showing them off.  Everyone's is a different color.

I will say this, by the end of the day I couldn't walk.  Both my legs were in such pain.  It wasn't that bad at first, but a few hours after the work was done. . . worst pain ever.  Worth it, though.

I count this as Eight,  but some say it is tattoos Eight and Nine.  Shoulder.  Blue stars.
I am in love with the blue stars on my shoulders.  They are my favorite.  At first they were kinda crappy.  I learned the hard way why one doesn't get tattoos at a tattoo convention by a random artist they know nothing about.  I was trying to convince a friend, Tony, to get these two rats we saw in a Sailor Jerry book.  It was such a funny little picture.  The boy rat was giving it to the girl rat from behind and they were both smiling with little hearts around them (I think).  And either above it or below it was the phrase Guess Who.  (This was a few months before I moved to Seattle, so a bit ago.)  Needless to say, Tony wasn't having any of that.  Somehow he convince me to get a tattoo instead.  I had wanted something on my shoulders for a while, so I just had to decide what.  I thought about sugar skulls and even Hello Kitty, but somehow I ended up with blue stars.  I really don't remember how.  I am super glad I did, though.

Well, I hated the way they healed.  They were crooked and splotchy.  I kept telling myself I would get them fixed and then would put it off.  The wedding is was really did it for me.  I purposely picked out a sleeveless dress so I could show them off.  Only, I couldn't show them off while they looked crappy.  Hidden Hand Tattoo in Seattle saved me.  My roommate in Seattle had gotten her ink there, and so did my husband.  Great shop.  I want to go there again.

Well, that is the story of my tattoos.  I love them all and regret nothing.  I think inked skin is a beautiful way to express oneself or to just accessorize. 


Been down in the dumps since last night and I can't seem to pull myself out.  Funny thing is, I have an idea that would cheer me up.  It just popped into my head a moment ago.  Unfortunately, it is something that isn't going to happen today.  What is it?  A new tattoo.  It has been over a year since I was last inked.  I think I am due.  I love tattoos.  I love getting tattoos, despite the pain.  I am thinking something Sailor Jerry this time.  Eventually I want a TokiDoki half sleeve.  I think that will be pretty fun.  Oh well.  Dreaming is enough for now.  I don't even know of any good tattoo shops in Virginia.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Click to see full size.

The silly little Doctor Who picture I captioned got posted on /r/DoctorWho.  Unfortunately, the person who posted it just re-upload the picture to instead of linking back to my blog, Tumblr, or even just the picture.  Oh well.  I just don't understand why not give someone credit.  People link back to Tumblr accounts on there all the time.  I would still like to see others come up with silly captions for the picture.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Why Pirate When Netflix is Legal?

Finished Baccano! the other night.  The ending was nice.  There is a false ending about 14 episodes in (there are only 16), but then they introduce a few more characters.  That is one thing the show doesn't lack- characters.  All the people in the intro are just the icing on the cake, and I think half of them don't even show up right away.  Over all it was an pretty great anime.  I dare say it is the top 5 best I have seen.

Now I need to figure out what anime to watch next.  I am thinking Death Note because I haven't seen any of it yet.  Hubby has seen some and speaks highly of what he has seen.  I may see if he wants to start that soon.  If not, then I will start it next week without him.  :-)  Got to love Netflix

Speaking of Netflix, the first DVD for Law & Order U.K. came in.  We are both big Law & Order fans, so we flipped our lids when the hubby and I saw it for sale at Target months ago.  Like idiots, we didn't buy it.  I say "like idiots" because it has a big Target Exclusive sticker on it.  The next time we went to Target we decided to buy it, only it was no longer in stock.  I checked everywhere I could at the time and could not find it.  Well, not it is on Netflix.  YaY!  I actually finished out the first DVD last night.  Hubby sort of tuned out after the 2nd episode so he could raid on WoW with our guild. 

I really enjoyed it for the most part.  Jamie Bamber, of Battlestar Galactica fame, is a cop in the show.  He is looking yummy as ever, folks.  His accent well a lot different than I expected.  I've heard him speak natural before when I saw him at a BSG panel during Emerald City Comicon some years ago.  He just sounds different, but I still swoon.  Hubby and I were most surprised to see Freema Agyeman, Martha on Doctor Who, in the opening credits.  The opening credits were a bit of a laugh between us.  I asked Mike what he thought they would sound like and he replied, "The Law and Order theme, but with horns."  It wasn't the normal theme, but there where horns.  If you enjoy Law & Order then give this show a gander, but be prepared for some little changes due to the difference in the legal systems of the two countries.  For example, the judges over there dress in Santa robes.  I am not even trying to be funny.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Trust Me, I'm a Doctor.

I didn't mean to pause it there, but it happened.  And it was just too funny not to take a screenshot.  Can you come up with a better caption?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Quiz on Futurama

 This week's quiz on J!NX was on Futurama Season 2.  Perfect Score, Baby!  There was only one question I wasn't completely positive I had right, but I did.  Think you can beat my score?  Sign up for a J!NX account and then take the quiz.

Monday, June 13, 2011

My Most Current Obsession

Almost finished watching Baccano! and for those who haven't seen it, you should.  I first saw parts of it a good year ago during my first attempt to socialize in Virginia.  Great anime.  The music is very much like that of Cowboy Bebop in that it is awesome.  Just listen to the opening theme and you will understand.  Anyways, it is up on Netflix Instant Watch (got to love it) and, with Doctor Who on hiatus for the summer, the hubby and I figured we'd get back to it.  Only two more episodes to go.  The show bounces all over the freaking place, which makes it a bit difficult to follow at first.  The payout towards the end it well worth it, though.

On a side note, season 3 of Fringe needs to come out on DVD already!  I really watch to catch up on what has been happening.  No spoilers please!

Today I started re-watching Doctor Who.  My mother used to watch it on PBS, so I am trying to introduce her to the new show.  We got up to episode 4 of the first season.  It is true what they say, you never forget your first Doctor.  I think the version she used to watch was the 4th.  Mommy says she remembers the scarf.  She is enjoying it enough so far, but the first two episodes weren't really entertaining her I think because the 9th isn't her Doctor.  "He was very absent minded, but brilliant," she told me about when she used to watch.  I almost laugh.  I have a feeling she will like the 10th and/or the 11th a lot more, and told her as much.  This is also good for me because (a)I didn't see all of the first season and (b)watching these after knowing what will happen in the future you tend to notice more.  The reason I didn't see all of season 1 the first time around was hubby had started watching before he converted me.  To "save time" he picked the highlights.  As for noticing the little things, the 9th Doctor has a squabble with Mickey about his name being Ricky.  I also noticed two future Torchwood alumni in episodes 3 and 4.  In fact, Eve played basically the same person (name, place, etc.) in different times.
Click to Enlarge. :-)

Friday, June 10, 2011

What to do without Who

So you are a huge Doctor Who fan and you just watched A Good Man Goes to War.  Now what?  No more Doctor Who until Let's Kill Hitler in the fall.  Well, I have a few suggestions on how to pass the time while suffering from withdrawals.

Catch up on some old school Who.  There is a lovely site that is streaming various old school Doctor Who episodes.  I plan to watch some of the 4th Doctor, since he tends to be one of the most recognized.  I figure it must be for a reason.

Read some fan fiction.  I know fanfic isn't for everyone, but I know some of you out there might really enjoy it.  You can always try or A Teaspoon and an Open Mind which is solely dedicated to the Who Universe.

Join a fan community.  There you can commiserate with other fans about you lack of Who.  I prefer the Doctor Who subreddit because mindless pictures with occasional plot theories is more my speed.

Watch something else for the summer!  There are tons of great shows out there.  If you like sci-fi then try Fringe.  If you want to stay with the Doctor Who theme, then try Torchwood or the Sarah Jane Chronicles.  Or stick with projects Steven Moffat has been apart of.  My first introduction to his work was Coupling.  It is an amazing show.  It is a lot like Friends, but more crass.  Not many shows can pull off the group chemistry like Friends, but Coupling is definitely one of the few in that league.  Other shows Moffat has been apart of include Sherlock and Jekyll.  And they are both on Netflix! (I plan to check them out soon.)  So no excuses!  (So is Coupling, for that matter.)  Hell, I can even recommend some good anime.

Waste your days on Tumblr.  There are tons of "blogs" on there dedicated to various fandoms, and Doctor Who is no different.  One of my favorites is Doctor Who Moments.  Fans send in quotes and get to see them on pretty backgrounds.  This was one I submitted, my favorite Rory quote.

If you have a suggestion on how you plan to pass the time until new Doctor Who episodes, then please feel free to share.  I leave you with this rather cute music video.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Why You Should be Watching Torchwood

Torchwood is one of several spin off series from the show Doctor Who.  While you don't need to watch Doctor Who to successful watch and enjoy Torchwood, I do think a lot more will make sense if you do.  Plus, they don't go too much into Captain Jack Harkness's special origins into pretty well into the first season because the transition of the 9th to the 10th Doctor in Doctor Who pretty much explains it.  In fact, the entire existence of Torchwood if because of the Doctor.  The shows go pretty hand in hand.

But this isn't about converting everyone into Doctor Who fans, even though everyone should be.  This is about why you should watch Torchwood.  For those who have seen Doctor Who, think of it as the adult version.  Sex is a big underlying theme through a good bit of the show.  The second episode is about an alien that feeds off the human male's orgasm.  Adult enough for you?  No, not every episode is like that, but you can't be shocked when you see a bare ass or some man bush.  Which is probably why season 4 will the airing on Starz in the U.S. on July 1st.

That is right, Torchwood (like Doctor Who) will be airing in America on American T.V.  Starz is teaming up with BBC to make the new season and it premiers in less than a month.  What better time to hop onto Netflix and catch up with the first 3 seasons of the show.  But mailing each DVD back and waiting for the next will take to long!  No it won't, because Torchwood is on Instant Watch.  If you can read this than you should be able to use Instant Watch through Netflix.  No excuses!

The show starts out with Gwen Cooper stumbling onto the secret organization of Torchwood.  Gwen is the perfect character for the audience to see this part of the Who Universe through.  She is a lot like Buffy, but a cop instead of a born Slayer.  She is brought into Torchwood because the leader, Captain Jack Harkness, is rather fond of her.  The best way I can describe Captain Jack is Renegade Shepard from Mass Effect.  Deep down he is a good person, but he see certain things to be very black and white.  Kill 1 to save 20?  He will kill that one person/alien/whatever every time.  That simple.

The Torchwood team in composed of a cynical doctor, the shy techie, and the mysterious and loyal butler.  Ianto Jones isn't actually a butler. . . at least I don't think so.  Add in their leader, Captain Jack, and you have the perfect team to battle the time rift that is open in Cardiff, Wales.  The time rift is a lot like the Hellmouth in Buffy, but with a Doctor Who twist.  Essentially, there is a rift in time and space where all sorts of people and things can cross over.  Because of this Cardiff has a bigger than usual alien problem among other things, making it  the perfect place for Torchwood to set up shop.  The only thing the team is missing is someone who is still connected to the rest of the world, someone who reminds Jack why he is even doing this.  Obviously, that someone is Gwen.

Unfortunately for Gwen, staying connecting to the real world AND being able to properly preform the job in not easy.  She can't tell her friends and family what she is doing, but she isn't allowed to loose herself in her work either.  If she becomes just as obsessed with spending time at the "office" as the others then she is pretty much useless, or so Jack leads her to believe.

The first two seasons play out like most any show would.  You get a steady progression of characters and slowly learn their histories.  The show really does parallel Buffy the Vampire Slayer, in a few ways.  The little unimportant things are actually a huge deal, you just don't know it yet.  No one is safe, ever.  I used hate that about Buffy, but in the end if does make a richer story if death, loss, and new life are possible.  Plus, James Marsters is in it eventually.  Over all a good show, but in the end it is just build up for season 3. 

Torchwood: Children of the Earth is more like a mini series.  There are only five episodes, but they are very powerful.  The show takes a very dark and suspenseful turn.  Think heavy like Battle Star Galactica.  For the first time the whole world is literally at stake.  The character portrayals as everyone reacts to the chaos around them is very compelling and believable.  The payout by the end is worth it. 

So now you need to go forth and watch Torchwood.  Then come back here and let me know what you thought.

Back Home

Really not sure if I like the new layout for Blogger, but I am sure I will get used to it.

Anyways, back in town from my trip to Florida.  My baby brother is now a high school graduate!  Everyone say "yay!" for him.  It was nice to get to see my brothers and sister, along with some other family.  All and all the trip left me really exhausted. 

My niece and my baby brother.

Me, Ben, Taylor (niece), Sarah, Matt
Luckily, Mike took good care of the apartment while I was gone.  I came home to a clean kitchen and strawberries in the fridge.  All I have to do before work today is laundry.  After I rest a little I am going to try and write up why Torchwood is so amazing, since we finished up the last of it so far.

I do want to mention that I was mentioned on a blog I love to read, Spectrum of Madness.  You should really check out the reviews of the Twilight series.  Starofjustice goes over each chapter individually, which is gives the reviews more depth than I usually see.  What I really like about it is how Starofjustice rips Bella and Meyers a new one.  Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy Twilight books and movies. . . but can you honestly tell me (those of you who read them) that you never wanted to laugh at a piece of cheesy dialog?  Or wanted to strangle Bella?  Or even felt just a little uncomfortable with Edward's attention to Bella?  Reminds me of the talks I had with my roommate in Seattle.

Before I go, I am trying to make a Geek Playlist for my IPod.  What geeky music/songs do you like?

Friday, June 3, 2011

On the road to Florida for my baby brother's high school graduation. Just my mother and I on the road trip, but that's ok. The men folk had to work.  We were going to stop at Golden Corral for lunch, but couldn't find one when we were ready to eat. Instead we happened upon Clark's Inn & Restaurant in Santee, South Carolina. If you ever find yourself near Exit 98 on I-95, then you must stop at Clark's. The lunch buffet was southern style yummy.  The outside looked very traditional south, like you stepped back in time. It even had a quaint country gift shop.  I have some pictures I took with my phone that will hopefully be included. (Typing this up on my phone.)