Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rift Screenshots

Looking directly up at the center of a Death Rift.

Death Rift from a distance.

Water Rift from a distance.

No clue, but it is pretty.

I also made a Cleric named Dalek.

Clerics who spec Druid get a faerie.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Brief Intro into My Adventures in Rift

Yesterday, we stopped by the local game store after Sucker Punch and bought Rift.  I am only level 9, but I am rather impressed with it so far.  The game mechanics are a lot like WoW, which makes it super easy for someone like me to jump right in.  In the beta I played Guardian, so I decided to try the opposing faction this time, Defiant.

The story is very different from WoW.  The end of the world, in a manner of speaking, has been brought forth.  You are resurrected and then sent back in time.  The game is called Rift because rifts open up while you play and you have to stop what you are doing and close them.  Honestly, that was a horrible explanation, but I feel I need screenshots to better explain. . . and let's just say that taking screenshots are not in the front of your thought process when fighting a rift.

Graphically, this game has the potential to blow WoW out of the water.  the only issue is that to see it at full potential you need a Gaming Computer.  Not a computer you play games on, but an actual built for this shit Gaming Computer.  The plus side, it still looks absolutely beautiful when the graphics are dumbed down.  If you like WoW, but hat how it looks, then this is definately your game.

Lalia Vane faints when she sees you.
I have yet to see any indication that one faction is good or evil, which is nice.  The Horde/Alliance debate can get old after a while.  The Guardians seem to be more religious, while the Defiant are more about technology and their machines.  From what I can tell, the Guardians blame the Defiant for how things when sour. 

There are some cool features I have noticed so far.  The character creations menu is pretty great.  It gives you a chance to micromanage some aspects without overwhelming you.  The coolest so far, though, is the Twitter feature.  You can link your Twitter account to the game and it will automatically tweet your achievements.  How sweet is that?  I will post a lot more once I have played a little further in. :-)

Lalia faints and Moblin's face follow.

Clerics get fairies!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Comic Thurday!

I am not an overly huge comic fan, but I do have a few I really love.  I am going to try on a regular/semi-regular basis suggest a comic that I like.  I want to start with Runaways Volume 1. 

Who thinks I should smile more?

I was never a huge fan of U.S. comics in print form because I never really game them a chance.  Yes, I have always love Batman and Spider-Man, but more in the t.v. show and movie world.  All that changed when I found the first volume of Runaways on the shelf at Barnes and Nobel.  The first few pages are some kids playing an MMO about Marvel super heroes.  I thought, "I play an MMO too!  How fascinating!"

The general plot (without too many spoilers) revolves around a group of kids whose only connection to each other are their parents' friendship.  They soon discover that their parents are super villains of sort and decide they are the only ones who can stop them.  Pretty cut and dry, except for all the surprises and twists.  ;-)

The first volume has a pretty clear beginning, middle, and end making it seem as though it was suppose to be a one shot.  It probably was.  You also see lesser Marvel characters make appearances, Cloak and Dagger being the main ones.  For those who don't know Cloak and Dagger well (like me) they do give you a brief explanation. 

While my husband enjoyed Runaways, I do think it gears more to girls and teens.  Oh, and Joss Whedon!  The wonderful Whedon wrote a fan letter praising  this masterpiece, which you can find in the back of the book.  If it is good enough for one of the Geek Gods (I will explain later) then it is truly a great work.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Word for the Day is Awesome

Me in what I can only assume is posing?
I want to talk about awesome things today.  I'll start off with how awesome it is to win things.  I follow a blog called Sassy Belle's Spotlight because of Tiny Hats Weekly.  Last week there was a trivia contest for $20 credit to  Sassy Belle Wares and I won.  I think I answered within minutes of it being posted, which is kind of sad that I am that glued to the internet.  Anyway, I won and I knew instantly what I was going to get and it arrived today!  What was even more awesome was the stuffs inside!

It came with vanilla frosted lip balm and offers/business card for other shops.

Also came with a Thank You card.

Tell me this isn't the coolest most awesome necklace!
I also watched to share pictures of the awesome desert I had today.  We had gone to a local hibachi/sushi/fusion place for lunch, but neither of us was in the mood for green tea ice cream.  To satisfy our sweet tooth we went to The Pub next door.  First, I want to state that I plan on going there for an actual meal very soon.  The menu looked amazing and I think they had their hard liqueur on tap.  Second, the pictures you are about to see are an experiment.  They let us know they normally ship in their Guinness Stout Brownies, but there was a problem with the distributor.  What we got was something they made in house from scratch. . . and it was awesome!
Guinness Stout Brownie Sundae.

Complete with powder sugar spoons.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I am relatively new to webcomics.  I have only really been reading them for a year or two, which isn't much when you think about how old some of the classics are.  It is pretty amazing at how far web comics have come and how much the artists have improved on their talent.  I know everyone has different tastes when is come to comics (web, print, or other) so I thought I'd share my favorites with you today.

Penny Arcade! (Updated Mon, Wed, Fri)- I am always surprised when I find video game geeks who haven't heard of this one.  I'm not  even sure how to describe the awesome that is Gabe and Tycho and their random but topical geekery.  Let's just say that if you like video games and aren't easily offended then you will probably like this.

PVP (Updated Mon-Fri)- While also revolving around video games, this one has more of a storyline than Penny Arcade.  If you aren't already reading this, then do yourself a favor and start at the beginning.  The plot centers on Cole, Brent, and the other employees of their video game magazine.  The story is usually pretty solid and have evolved really well so far.

Questionable Content (Updated Mon-Fri)-  QC is not about video games.  If anything, it has Indie Scene undertones. . . but I don't know much about that, so those parts go over my head.  This is a story about the adventures of Marten and Faye after they meet in a bar and become best friends.  I could tell you more, but it would be spoilers.  This is another one that you really need to start at the beginning, even though the early comics are far from his best work.  Most of the comic is very plot driven.

Our Valued Customers (Updated Daily)- What better way to relieve stress from your job then make a comic?  The artist works in a comic book shop and recounts whatever the dumbest, funniest, weirdest thing he heard into one panel.  Think Not Always Right, but always about geeks.  This comic is only a year old and was recently pointed out to me by a friend in Atlanta.

Kawaii Not-  I love this comic because it is so adorable and dirty at the same time.  Each comic is a one shot, so just his the random button a bunch and enjoy!

My Little World Comics (Updated Mon, Wed, Fri)-  This one is by a friend of my husband.  Another one that I just started reading couple months ago, but I am really enjoying so far.  It is usually the adventures of Mr. P, but sometimes he sprinkles other randomness.  My hubby got to do a guest strip not to long ago.  Remember?

Nickelbeer.Net (Updated Tues & Thur)-  I know I promote this one a lot, but I truly am a huge fan of my husband's work.  He had been sketching this for years before he recently started posting this on-line.  Originally he wanted to work on another comic idea he had, but I begged for this one because I love it so much.  Half the time the comic is about Russell (the monkey) and his brother Kevin (the human) and the other half of the time it is about whatever randomness hubby feels like.

Now that I have shared what I love, it is your turn!  What webcomics, if any, do you like to read?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tip for the Gamers

My friend's blog is giving away a Mass Effect game code.  His blog is pretty new, so check it out!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Abbey Road Pub and Three Turtles

Turtles on a branch.  (Outside the window of what could be my mom's new place.)

Abbey Road in Virginia Beach

Abbey Road

Across the street from Abbey Road

Merchandise for Abbey Road

Inside Abbey Road

This hangs next to the table we normally sit at.

More interior shots.
For those not from around Virginia, Abbey Road Pub is a Beatles theme pub/restaurant in Virginia Beach.  It is in the middle of all the touristy shops and food joints located next to the beach.  I know I am biased being a Beatles fan, but the place really is pretty awesome. 

The food is to die for.  I haven't tried everything on their menu, so I guess I can't say that for certenity.  My first time there was around my birthday, which I had a friend seafood platter that was good.  Since then I order the Reuben.  (Thank you Krista for introducing that sandwich.)  I really enjoy their Reuben and that is saying a lot.  I know of maybe two other Reubens that I really like.  And if you like beer (I don't) they have a huge selection, like 101.

The place is covered head to toe with a pretty impressive collection of Beatles memorabilia, but they don't play a lot of Beatles music.  I think that is what really sells the place.  Even if you hate the Beatles, you can still enjoy the amazing food in peace.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Exhausting Friday

I had a pretty full day with my mom, but I will write about later.  (And post the good pictures I got.)  I just wanted to show off what came in the mail today!  Awesome hat from Kitty Kustoms.  I will have to post it on Tiny Hats Weekly later.

Mini Hello Kitty Cowboy Hat!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

He Takes Pleasure In My Tears

I just want to start off my saying sometimes my husband and I have very different ideas of funny.   I have been know to empathize a little too much when fictional characters are sad.  Today's Nickelbeer comic is a prime example.  Hubby has had the idea for a while now and this is actually the evolved version.  He was so giddy when he showed it to me, but I was almost in tears.  I don't know what is wrong with me, they aren't even real.  I would love to get your take on it.

Anyway, on to the good stuff.  My mother came over and helped me clean house (apartment) today.  She really kicks ass at it.  Our place looks stunning and it is thanks mostly to her.  I was able to unpack some more of my toys and display them around.
Alice, Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze, Fujiko, Lupin III, & Yoda/Stitch with Chewy/Goofy.

Fuzzy pic of my Moofia.

Slightly better pic of the Moofia.

Their position in the T.V. room.
I don't know if you can tell, but Alice in Wonderland Barbie's hair is a little messed up due to the move.  :-(  Not too sure how to fix it.  Also, if there is anyone out there who is also collection the Moofia then listen up.  I have an extra Soy still in the plastic.  If you have an extra of one I don't and want to trade, please let me know!
Still in plastic.
The kitty came back from the vet today.  The poor thing.  Shadow Cat is a little meeker than usual and a lot hungrier.  I wonder if the vet fed her at all.  You can tell her front paws are sore because she keeps trying to stand upright.  She has spent the last couple hours either under the bed or next to the window in our bedroom.  Also, she really seems to prefer Mike since she has been home.  Probably because he was nowhere around when she was at the vet. . . unlike me.  :-(  Here are some pics from earlier in the week.
Earlier this week.

Hiding in her home.

Isn't he so cute with Shadow Cat?

It looks like TokiDoki is a wino.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What a Wonderful Wednesday

So sleepy.  I was up at 6:45 a.m. this morning.  First I had to drop off Shadow Cat at the vet's for the declaw.  My heart was breaking the whole time.  She actually fought me getting into the box and tried to squirm away when the nurse tried to weigh her.  Some good news, she has gained 1.2 lbs since her last visit.  You can still feel her ribs, but at least I know she is gaining some weight.  The ladies at the vet suggesting checking for worms, just to be sure.  I get my baby back after 2 p.m. tomorrow.  At least TokiDoki will get some alone time.

After the vet, it was back home to get ready for the doctor.  Everything is fine.  I had my mommy with me just to be safe.  One more visit in June, just to be sure.  I am just thrilled because hubby and I are where we can start thinking about kids and I was given the o-kay.  She (the doctor) even went as far to say, "And when you want to conceive, the important thing to remember is have unprotected sex."  My mom busted out laughing.

I am just chilling at home now.  My mother went to the hotel to check in and will be back soon.  She and her boyfriend bought steaks for dinner tonight.  I am pretty excited about that and the wine my mother brought over.  I love having my mom in town because I get so much more done.  By the time she leaves my apartment will be spotless.  In fact, she wants to focus on finishing the unpacking while she is here. . . and bleaching the bathroom.  She is really into bleaching bathrooms.  Go figure.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Stephanie is the Prank Master

Back story:  My mom was visiting with my cousin Stephanie last week.  One of the nights they went out to party and Steph had the wonderful idea that they should prank my sister.  It took a while (and getting me involved) to get a reaction out of my sister.  At the time, I had no idea my sister was freaking out on Facebook.  I wish I had, because I would have enjoyed the joke a lot more.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just Your Typical Sunday

Today was the next installment of what I have decided to call Movie March, since we will be seeing a movie in the theater every weekend this month.  It has been a while since so many good movies have come out back to back.  Next week is Paul, which should be interesting.  The trailers I saw today were awesome.  Hana definitely caught my eye.  Don't laugh, but I would also like the see Fast Five.  Sh!

As I mentioned yesterday, this week's movie was Battle: Los Angeles.  Honestly, not a bad movie.  I'd give it a solid B easily.  It wasn't super heavy sci-fi, but rather a war movie that happened to have aliens.  The best way I can describe it without giving the movie away is that it resembled a lot more of a less gory Saving Private Ryan than it did District 9.  For as much as the aliens are in the movie, you really don't get that many close looks at them.  Not that I mind.  I find that in many ways it is better never to get too good of a look because the design is usually goofy enough to take you out of the story.  If you like war movies or sci-fi movies, then you should be able to enjoy this one.

This is going to be a great year for movies the closer we get to summer.  Actually, this is a great year for video games as well.  L.A. Noir will be out next month, w00t!  If you haven't heard about that one then Google it. ;-)

Speaking of video games, here is a rather bad recording of the new Pokemon intro I recorded:

While shopping today we got yet another brand of Moscato.  I don't think I have mentioned it yet, but Moscato is my new favorite wine. . . Mostly because the husband actually likes it too.  We tried some a couple weeks ago when we had lunch at Olive Garden and just fell in love with it.  Problem is Moscato has a few variations.  It was be super, super sweet to just a hint of sweet.  Sometimes it is bubbly, sometimes not.  So far, our favorite brands are Cupcake and Barefoot.  We like it bubbly and not overly sweet.  I highly recommend it. 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Shall Call Him SpitFire

My Princess Peach Skin.
I need a new skin for my DS Lite.  This one is faded and starting to peel.  It is actually my 2nd DS skin.  The first one was also Princess Peach.  If anyone has any suggestions for a new one, I am all ears.

I caught my Victini last night thanks to the advice of my good friend, Zak.  I used my Ultra Ball and pressed Up + A and it worked!  Now, I have no idea if this is a coincidence or not, but I would love to hear from everyone on how they caught their Victini.  I named mine SpitFire.  :-)

Tomorrow is my day off, so the husband and I will be going to the movies!  We are going to see Battle: Los Angeles.  I am not super excited, but I wasn't for Rango and it turned out to be pretty good.  Honestly, I am just biding my time until March 25th and Sucker Punch.  What movies are y'all looking forward to?

Also, tomorrow I plan to decorate the apartment some.  We have been here around 9 months and we still have boxes we haven't unpacked.  :-(  I found a box that had some of my favorite toys.  Yes, I said toys.  My Moofia members, Alice in Wonderland Barbie, and my Harley Quinn Barbie.  Normally I'm not into blondes, but how could anyone not love Harley?  Her and Mr. J were made for each other.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Warcraft Ramblings

Taking some time off pokemon has been a good thing.  I really needed to get some time in on Warcraft.  Since Cataclysm guilds have gained some pretty awesome perks.  I'm not sure if I have discussed it on here before or not.  Now guilds can gain levels, achievements, and you can even gain reputation like your guild is it's own faction. 

Guild Menu that lists perks.

One of the achievements is that the guild has at least one of each class at max level (85), but your character has to be honored with the guild to be eligible to count.  The faction levels are Hated, Unfriendly, Neutral, Friendly, Honored, Revered, and Exhausted.  It works just like leveling anything else, and you get rep experience by completing most quests.

An example using Tulip's rep menu.
You can also view it like a normal level experience bar.
As for the guild's class achievement, we are only missing one and it is rogue.  I've check our roster and we have a couple rogues at 85, so I am guessing none of them are honored or higher with the guild at this time.  Because of this, I have been taking time off my other characters lately and focusing on Noirlamort.  For all I know we already have someone in the guild doing this, but it doesn't hurt to try to be sure.  For one thing, reputation leveling can be a real grind.  And worse case, we also need one of each class of each race for another achievement. 

I hadn't touched Noirlamort in a while because I generally suck with rogues.  She is great to solo on, but I can't play her in groups.  This makes her pretty useless for end game material.  The only other plus side is she is a miner and engineer so I can use her to make some cool stuff and game money.  I have been using her to scout the land make questing with Tulips a lot easier. 

Here are some screenshots I took while playing today:

This is a Harrison Jones encounter. 
And here are two really old screenshots from my first Halloween in WoW:
Jacuzzi party in Goldshire.
Moblin is the naked Night Elf on the left.
Moblin, a Night Elf  priest, was my first toon on WoW.  I still play her from time to time.  She was a pretty fun first toon.  Mostly because I am on an RP server.  When I first started playing I would get gold for Moblin dancing in her skivvies.  Nigh Elf strippers made it a crazy art, picking boots and gloves that looked the part.  Goldshire is a big place for Alliance parties and dueling, but thankfully no more stripping.  But I did love that the apple barrel was the jacuzzi.