Monday, February 28, 2011


Took Shadow cat to the vet today.  They were able to take out the stitched that the SPCA failed to notice from when she was fixed.  The vet lady was really nice, too.  She kept talking to Shadow is a baby voice.  I loved it.

After the vet I came home and got to house work.  Dishes and laundry.  Tomorrow is going to be floors.  I am usually pretty lazy about getting the house work done, so I am glad to have it done.  I can't write too much because I am too full.  Hubby made the yummy shrimp and penne meal and I stuffed myself with it.

Random picture of TokiDoki with her froggie.

Husband's Screenshots

I have a lot to update about later, but for now I have a ton of WoW screenshots from my hubby to share. 

The game messed up and the floor disappeared.

The entrance to Booty Bay.

Booty Bay after Cataclysm.

Pay attention to how pretty the water looks here.

Sunset in Stranglethron Vale.

The beach of Stranglethorn Vale.

This is how water used to look.  Not as pretty, huh?

Rocket Surfing!

Lens Flare!

Logan has 3 claws. . . get it?

Logan is a Wolvar, get it yet?

Rooster Mount?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Virginia is Kinda Dull. . . So I Play WoW

Tulips in camouflage from a special herb she picked. 
I always knew Tulips would be a great alchemist, and with great alchemy comes great herbalism.  For the non-WoWheads, I will try to explain.  Every character can have two primary professions.  These are mining, herbalism, skinning, blacksmithing, engineering, tailoring, enchanting, leather working, inscription, and jewel crafting.  Many of the crafting jobs need one of the gathering jobs to get materials needed.  (Unless you want to spend all your gold buying the materials.)  A simple example is a leather worker would also need skinning so they can get the leather to make things.

There are also secondary professions, but unlike the primaries a player can learn all of them.  The secondary professions are cooking, fishing, first aid, and archeology (a Cataclysm addition).  These aren't really necessary, but they can have some pretty awesome perks.  Some of the food you cook can give you really great buffs for raids, while archeology can give you 3 pets and a mount.  First aid is probably the lamest because healing potions do the same thing and it doesn't waste cloth a tailor would need.  Fishing it my favorite because it has the most perks.  You can get pets from the fishing dailies and schools, a mount can be found in some schools (of fish), and many of the fish are used in cooking.  I know it seems like I am getting off track, but I swear this is going somewhere.

I mentioned Tulips is an alchemist.  Essentially alchemy in WoW is using plants and occasionally other ingredients to make potions.  Since plants are such a huge part of alchemy, her other primary is herbalism.  That is why I named her Tulips, I knew I wanted her professions to be herbalism/alchemy.  I think I has that planned before I picked her class even.  Surprisingly fish are often one of the extra ingredient in many stages of leveling alchemy.  In fact, I barely gave fishing the time of day until my gnome lock was created.   (It isn't the fasted paced thing in the game.)

The cool thing about fishing for alchemy(and this was so not going to be a ramble about fishing in WoW when I started) is that it gave me an excuse to level cooking as well.  I had all these fish from leveling fishing that weren't needed for alchemy, so why not use them?  Plus, many "cooked" fish sell at a higher price to vendors than they do raw.  I think the fact that Tulips is so well rounded is what made me stick with her. 

I could go on and on about alchemy/herbalism, but instead I will share funny screenshots from a quest/cut scene in Uldum.

Click to enlarge.  The dialog is pretty funny.
Budd jumps off a boat well before this quest chain.
And now for some Goblins!

Nalika is surrounded by turtles!

Chip Endale, Nalika, and Candy Cane.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

TokiDoki and Shadow Cat

TokiDoki loves our Mickey Star Wars blanket.

Shadow Cat on our bed.

Notice some of the fur missing?

So cute!

She has a flea problem when the SPCA got her.

I love how cute her face is!

TokiDoki hates cameras.
The little ones are getting along better and better with every passing day.  I think TokiDoki is just really frustrated Shadow Cat isn't ready to play with her.  That and she doesn't like sharing our attention.  Shadow Cat still randomly hisses at Toki, but not nearly as often.  She isn't scared to go up to TokiDoki anymore. 

Monday Shadow Cat has a vet appointment Monday.  It will be a basic check up, rabies shot, and declawed.  I used to be against removing a cat's claws, but she is an indoor only cat and seems to think our walls are a scratching post.  (And yes, we have her an actual scratching post.)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

An Unexpected Adoption

We went to the local SPCA today so we could start pricing and planning.  We have been wanting to get a new puppy for a while now.  TokiDoki used to have Pennywise, our roommate's cat, as a playmate when we lived in Seattle.  She seemed a lot calmer then, so we figured she has probably been lonely since the move.  We get to the shelter and find out they are having a big sale.  Normally dogs are $149 and cats are $129, but today they were all only $39.  One of the ladies was explaining how they were over crowded recently and the sale (which started earlier in the week) was to encourage adoptions and make some room.  I would say it worked well because it was pretty slim picking today.

I was pretty impressed with our local SPCA.  They have dogs, cats, and pocket pets.  Apparently pocket pets include rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, various birds, hamsters guinea pigs, and gerbils.  They also have a petting zoo with a llama and kangaroo!

As I mentioned earlier, the dog selection was pretty slim due to the sale.  We didn't really mind since we weren't planning to adopt today.  It was kind of sad, though.  Most the dogs left seemed to be Pit mixes.  Then we went over to the cat room.  There was one cat that was really starved for attention, Pepper.  He was about a year old, black, and very friendly.  We took him into the play room for a bit and started talking.  Hubby likes cats almost as much as I do and we knew Toki likes them.  After playing with Pepper for a bit, we decided he wasn't really for us.  Just for kicks, we asked to see the cat in the pen above his.  She was a calico around the same age.  The poor thing was very shy and missing a lot of her back fur due to a flea problem.  After a few minutes we knew she was the one.


The video is when we introduced TokiDoki to Shadow Cat.  Since I named Toki, I told Mike he could name our cat.  He had a little problem coming up with a name, but I had asked what Kitty Pride's X-Men name was and Black Cat's real name (two Marvel girls he likes).  So, Shadow Cat it is!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Night is Pizza Night!

Shortly after we moved to Virginia we had several bouts of car trouble.  It always seemed to occur when we tried to have date night.  (Or in our case "date afternoon")  Just a movie and we would be fine, but if we tried to follow it with a meal out then the car would suddenly need several hundreds of dollars worth of repair.  That is when Pizza Night started.  It may not happen every Friday night, but we try to keep it at least twice a month.  I know it probably sounds silly.  I don't care, I love it!  Mike just put the order in.  We tend to prefer Domino's Philly Cheese Steak pizza (thanks to MIL for introducing that to us) and Hawaiian pizza.  Though, we have tried a local joint a few times that had a really good Greek pizza.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  Yummy!

Been sick the past couple of days.  Kind of sucked.  At least it was my days off.  My mommy came over today to take care of me.  She brought me soup and jello.  Strawberry jello is so delicious. . . I don't care what some people say about jello.  She also cleaned my kitchen for me.  I mean, really cleaned it, which is good because I really let it go to hell lately.

My mom has been in town for the past week and it has been pretty awesome.  Last Friday we went to Northern Lights Spa in Williamsburg, VA.  We both went with the Hot Stone Massage & Facial package (90 minutes), and they let us share a room.  It was my first facial (que Mike laughing).  I think I am going to try and have facials more often.  The lady used steam, a hot towel, and Aubrey Organics products, all of which left my skin feeling amazing.  I was so impressed that I bought a sample pack of the Aubrey Organics products.

Now I am off to my Criminal Minds marathon.  Two different channels (A&E and Ion) are running marathons of the show all weekend.  Yay!

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Very Happy Dog

TokiDoki has finally destroyed most of her toys.  The other day, while grocery shopping, we decided to get her a new one.  She was super excited when we gave it to her.  She loves squeaking her toys herself, but since the squeaker wasn't in the body like her other toys she couldn't find it.  Within 10 minutes she had opened up the back and started removing the stuffing.  :-(  It will be easy enough to sew it back, though.  I just need to get her the kind that aren't stuffed.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Small Sampling of Vanity Pets

One of my hobbies on Warcraft is collecting the vanity pets.  They don't do anything, but some of them are harder to get a hold of than others.  Some of the easier ones you can just buy in various shops.  The harder ones are anything from quest rewards to rare drops.  I even got one from the new profession Archeology.  You can view my complete collection so far here on  Here are some screenshots of a few of my favorites.

This is one of the anniversary pets.

Archeology pet.

I had to fish this up in a sewer in Dalaran.

Took a few dungeon runs for Noirlamort to get the pattern to make this.

Brewfest pet.  It is the tiny pink elephant a drunk would see.

Halloween pet.

It took forever to get my rep with Sporeggar to be able to buy it.

One of the Children's Week pets.  Sometimes his eye shoots a laser.
At some point I will definitely post more picture of Tulip's collection.  She has the most out of any of my toons.  It just kind of sucks because my Draenei Shammy, Junipper, was my pet collector until I stopped player her.  It wouldn't be so bad, but she has a couple pets Tulips can never have. ;_;