Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kinect Sports FTW

Yes, I am wearing a Where the Wild Things Are shirt.
If you read this blog, then you already know I got a Kinect and Kinect Sports for Christmas from my husband, Mike Awesome.  As for those who don't read my blog. . . how are you reading this?  Thanks to my job, I've had the opportunity to sample the Kinect before I had one and fell madly in love with Bowling on Kinect Sports.  Until today, the only other game I had played on Kinect Sports was Table Tennis (and Boxing briefly).  Well, Mike Awesome is off at a friends house watching some Starcraft tournament, so I decided to have a go at some of the other games.  I want to mention real quick that I am pretty out of shape.  I know a size 5 is by no means huge, but when I was a size 3 less than a year ago and a size 1 for years after high school. . . well, you can get the gradual trend my body will take if I don't fix things.  ;_;  Anyways, back on topic.  I decided to give Track and Field a try because I really need to get off my ass.  It was super fun, but it really makes you work for it.  Any time you need to run (which you run in place) you have to really lift your knees so the Kinect can register it.  You can't be lazy about it.  I actually had to change out of my skinny jeans and into some gym pants to I could move more fluidly.  Your end score is based on the combined score of the five mini-games.  First is the race.  It was easy enough, just run in place.  Next was the javelin and it was the hardest for me.  You have to run and then throw high on que, but I kept throwing in directly into the ground.  Then was the high jump where you just run and jump.  This was followed by the easiest in my opinion, the discus.  Last was the hurdle, which was just a constant run and jump.  I scored first place in every mini-event, except for the javelin.

I  highly suggest a Kinect if you like motion gaming or party games.  As for Kinect Sports, it is one of two games (the second being Dance Central) that EVERY Kinect owner should have.  Think of Kinect Sports as the game that keeps on giving. :-)

Baby Lizards House: My niece is so cute!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nalika the Goblin

My new Goblin!
Nalika is my newest toon on Warcraft.  I was experiencing some alt-itis, so I thought I'd give the new Horde race a try.  Nalika is a Goblin mage, and for now she is arcane.  I don't know much about mages, so that may change.  The Goblin back story is actually very neat.  You start out as someone who is very well off in the Cartel.  The other Goblins around town are very involved, which was quite amusing.  The class trainers, for example, are all in one spot demonstrating there powers.  The mage trainer and warlock trainer are opposite each other casting back and forth, the rogue trainer is sneaking around, and the priest trainer buffs you every time you pass.  The capitol is amazing, which is a shame since it gets destroyed.

Jungle Party themed bedroom.  (Click to enlarge)

Car for a quest while in the start zone.
A volcano erupts because of Deathwing, and your island home is destroyed.  An awesome cut scene that I don't want to spoil and then you are on a new island.  This is where you find the Orcs and after a series of quests, your cartel joins the Horde.  The second island is a lot of fun.  I found it was not nearly as interesting as the now destroyed starting zone, but the quests actually further the story line.  I would go as far as to say they progressed the over all story a lot for than the Worgen quests did.

Giant robot chicken you fight for her giant death egg.
I highly suggest everyone tries the Goblin race, at least for the first 12 levels. :-)

On a side note, been giving The Rift beta a try.  If I were to leave Warcraft (which is unlikely, but still. . . .) this would be the MMO I would go to.  At least, so far.  It is very pretty and well polished for a beta.  And I love the character creation.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Awesome Sunday Dinner by Mike Awesome

I want to start off by saying I am perfectly capable of cooking.  For the first 6 or 7 months that we moved to Virginia I have been doing the majority of the cooking.  As you saw on my Christmas post, I know my way around a kitchen quite nicely.  With that said, Mike is a WAY better cook than me.  He can do a lot of the amazing and fancy dishes that I have neither the patience nor skill for.  Plus, I am more into baking than he is.

We have been collecting cookbooks for a while, but never really using them.  During the wedding/honeymoon we really started expanding our collection.  We decided to start with one we got at Disney while on honeymoon.  What really caught our eye was that Delicious Disney featured a lot of the nicer restaurants we had been eating at. (Side note: Any extended trip to Disney World needs one of the higher end dining plans.  Trust me, it is worth the extra money.)  Mike's first try was a simply scrumptious shrimp and pasta dish.

I believe Mike is chopping tomatoes.

Raw shrimp and heavy cream.

Delicious Disney cookbook.

Mike cooking the shrimp.

More kitchen prep.

I just love shrimp!

Pasta time.

Almost ready! 


Time to eat.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Husband's Hobby

I love showing off my husband's work.  I am probably more into a lot of his art than he is, to be honest.  Tuesdays and Thursdays are my favorite days of the week now because they are new comic day.  And I am always finding and excuse to show people his portfolio.  Today I wanted to show off some of his paintings.  I keep telling him he should think about painting something to sell, but he enjoys them so much he can't part with them either.  My birthday, back in July, I was lucky enough to get a painting from him.  That was pretty awesome.



A "Big Daddy" doll a Little Sister might carry in Bioshock.

My girl, Harley Quinn. Squee!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

After the Holidays

Settling into 2011 and already having a blast.  I got a Kinect for Christmas and I love, love, love it!  Just got done playing Dance Central.  Only took 30 minutes before I got winded, but I am sure the more I play the better my stamina. 

For all the Kinect critics out there- don't knock it until you try it.  It really isn't for everyone, but it is pretty amazing at the same time.  The best game to play for a first timer is bowling on Kinect Sports.  You can't just flick a controller like with the Wii, you have to actually get involved.  I say bowling is the best starting game because it is probably the most straight forward.  You pick up the ball and then you act as if you are bowling.  I like Dance Central because it actually watches your limbs.  If you move the wrong arm/leg or don't swing the right direction, then it knows.  It has a "Break It Down" option so you can learn the moves on your chosen difficulty before you jump into the song.  Best part, if you can't get a specific move you can slow it down while in "Break It Down" until you get it. 

Flying in Stormwind on Rudolph
 Sadly, Christmas is over in Warcraft.  :-(  At least I got some pretty pictures to show off.  One of the items you get turns your mount into a reindeer, which you can use on any mount.  As you can see to the right, I used mine on my flying mount so my reindeer could fly like Santa's.  I did notice a change, or maybe I just never noticed it last Christmas.  Anyways, the buff doesn't wear off just because you dismount, so it isn't wasted every time you dismount.
Christmas Gnomes
 I love how gnomes are dressed up as mini-Santa and elves.  You see them all over the Alliance capitals and it is just sooo cute!
Close up of Tulips Riding Rudolph

Stormwind for the Holidays

More "Winter Veil" Cheer

Pretty Tree
My real Christmas was just as fun, if not funner, than WoW.  I was pretty unsure how I was going to take Christmas of 2010.  We were away from our friends, who we has spent the last 3 holiday seasons with.  We also were not in a position to visit our families.  End the end, the hubby and I decided to treat it like any other Christmas and we had fun.  His family sent gifts and snack as usual.  Let me just say, MIL makes some awesome fudge and these cookies with raspberry jam or something inside them. . . I wait all year for that.  Plus, our neighbors upstairs gave us goodies. <3

His sister made a scrapbook of his webcomic.

Christmas movies and new video games.

TokiDoki on her new blanket.

Clothing from my MIL.

South Park is part of our Christmas tradition.

The last page of my 2010 tokidoki calendar.

Cookies I made!

Treats from MIL.

Mac n Cheese, Cornbread dressing, and Green Bean Casserole.

Honey Glazed Ham!!!