Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bleach: Memories of Nobody: The Movie

Warning: Spoilers!

I want to start this off by saying I really enjoy Bleach as a series. Granted, I have only seen up to the end of season three and I haven't read the manga, but I like it so far. The movie Memories of Nobody, on the other hand, was trash. I get that the story line of the series is pretty tight, making this a random off shoot for the sake of fan service, but fan service does not a movie make. And even at that, I was poorly disappointed.

The movie starts out pretty normal. Ichigo and Rukia are out doing their thing when they happen upon a bunch of weird spirit things. (Hubby makes a joke at this point about monsters made just for the movie that we will never see again.) Being that Ichigo and Rukia don't know what they are dealing with, they kind of stumble around with what to do. Enter Senna and the downhill slide of the movie. I understand that the movie adds new characters and villains, but Senna is one of the three things that bothered me most. Her character just rubs me the wrong way. She is too happy go lucky and childish for the Bleach franchise. She says she is a Soul Reaper, but she doesn't remember anything about Soul Society and just laughs it off. (Can you guess she isn't one, yet?) Then she forces Ichigo into a game of tag and Rukia's response is to go check into Soul Society personally. At this point, I pretty much stopped taking the movie seriously and decided to play a little Mystery Science Theater with it.

The rest of the movie revolves around Senna to the point that even Ichigo, the main character, takes a back seat. This wouldn't have been quite as bad, but they wanted to cram everyone else in the movie as well... No exaggeration, you see almost every main and side character at some point. I get Orihime being brought to Urahara's shop to heal Ichigo at one point, but Chad and Ishida just stand around to each maybe say a line is kind of lame. They don't follow him into battle, so why call them over? They were a bit smarter in fitting in all the captains. Unfortunately, the movie seemed to crunched for time to give any of the fight scenes justice. Soi Fon's fight was the only one with substance and completion. Byakuya Kuchiki has a short fight to save Rukia, which is justified because of how powerful he is. The most disappointing, though, is Kenpachi's battle. Whoever Ken is fighting is strong enough that he can strike Ken, but you never see how it ends. It literally just stops cutting back to it.

Which brings me to the third thing that bothers me still about the movie. The villains have no depth. They are all from this clan that was banished and aside from some bits and pieces about their leader, you nothing about them. There are six of the "Dark Ones" as they are called. Each has a name and an individualised costume design that matches their military theme and that is it. They don't give any real introductions past the leader explaining what they have done since their banishment from Soul Society. It shows you what a true cluster fuck the movie was. Out of all the fluff stuffed into the movie they can't spare a moment to flush out the Dark Ones. They could have easily cut out the scene where Ichigo finds out Senna accidentally shoplifted a ribbon in her hair. Or they could have cut the scene where they help the ghost boy find his ghost father in half.

By the end of the movie they are able to turn what was an incoherent mess about Senna and her weird flashbacks into something that sorta made sense. Although, I was still a little confused with how she was saving everyone and why she manifested the way she did. And in the final Rukia tells Ichigo that soon they won't remember her or what happened because, "how can you remember someone who doesn't exists?" Yes, they used that flimsy excuse to explain why they will never speak of it in any future episodes. Hell, why not just have someone wake up and realise it was all just a dream?

In the end, the movie was good for a laugh. It lacked pretty much everything else. Bleach fans, stay away! Non Bleach fans, I honestly don't know why you would be watching it anyways. It is your own fault at that point. :-p